Installing New Sashes into Existing Window Frames – London

New Sashes London

“We were extremely satisfied with the whole experience from The Sash Window Workshop.”

Before having the work carried out our flat was very cold and draughty in the winter months. We believed that having double glazing would help reduce the draughts and heat loss through the glass, reducing our energy consumption. As we had recently redone the plastering and decoration in our flat, we were looking for a solution that would be the least intrusive to avoid turning the flat into a building site again.

We therefore started our research into different window and door companies to carry out the work.  In total, we spoke to 20 different companies, and most visited our flat and provided a quotation for the works.

We originally heard about The Sash Window Workshop on social media when asking for recommendations on sash window specialists.  We received a wide range of quotations for the works, ranging from full sash and frame replacement to only having the sashes replaced.

When deciding which company to go ahead with, we felt it was important to trust the salesman, that they understood the products, and could explain the different options that we had.  The salesman at The Sash Window Workshop suggested that installing new sashes into our existing window frames would help solve our problems, whilst not ruining the décor. The advice was provided after the salesman carefully examined the state of each of our existing sashes, so we thought this was a fair and honest recommendation. Where the frames needed repair, this was also clearly highlighted together with the type of repair work required.

After thorough research, we decided to place an order with The Sash Window Workshop, as we liked the way the salesman handled the estimate, his thoroughness and detailed measurements taken, and most importantly honesty.  We felt that the salesman and surveyor were reliable and that the works were value for money relative to all other quotations received.

The Sash Window Workshop carried out a wide range of work within the London flat, including: draught sealing and overhaul and installing new window sashes into existing window frames.

The process was very smooth from start to finish and we would recommend The Sash Window Workshop to anyone looking to improve their windows and doors.


Watch a video showing more images from this case study below:

New sashes into existing frames
West London Replacement Sashes