Friday 21 July 2023

What are sash horns?

Sash horns are a traditional feature that can be found on timber sash windows.

They are more commonly found at either side on the bottom of the upper sash, protruding downwards.  However, sash horns can also be located at the top of the bottom sash.

Why are sash horns now only an optional feature?

Sash window horns were originally an important part of the window, helping to support and strengthen the window.  They supported the joints and stopped the windows being opened too far.

With the introduction of larger panes of glass in windows during the Victorian period, sash horns also helped support the weight of the windows.  They were introduced during this as an alternative to the multiple glazing bars that had previously served the same purpose.

Although modern windows can be made to look like traditional sash windows, manufacturing techniques have improved a lot since the Victorian period.

Today’s manufacturing techniques mean that sash horns are no longer required, as windows can be made strong enough to support the weight of the glass without them.

However, sash horns are still very popular from a decorative point of view with many customers choosing to have them.

What different designs of horns can you get?

If you are looking to have sash horns in your new sliding sash windows, there are multiple different designs that you can choose from.

The designs of sash horns can vary and include simple curves, short stubbs, ‘s’ shaped horns, inverted curves, and more bespoke designs.  The length of the sash horn can also vary.

At The Sash Window Workshop, we have various sash window horn templates that you can choose between when ordering new sashes into the existing frames or complete new sash windows.  For customers looking for a more bespoke design, we can also manufacture windows with sash horns to a bespoke template.

Our most popular sash window horn designs include our short Victorian sash horn and our longer classic range standard Victorian sash horn.  Some photos of our popular sash window horn designs can be seen below.

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short Victorian sash horn  standard Victorian sash horn  Sash window horn detail

Timber bay sash window with horns

traditional wooden sash windows with horns

bespoke Accoya sliding sash windows with sash horns