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Home maintenance can range from touching up the paint on a cupboard to a grand, house-transforming project... either way it can be expensive.

It’s no surprise that Britain has become a nation of DIY lovers. Figures show that a massive 53% of people are now doing their own home improvements because of rising living costs.

However, this could soon spiral out of control and become a DIY disaster if not done properly. Almost a third of these ‘have a goers’ have experienced a DIY mishap, and a further 11% have even had to make a claim on their home insurance because of it.

This week at The Sash Window Workshop, Mick and our vans and fitters have been working on some large jobs. Our maps may look sparse this week, but we have installed some huge "whole house" jobs over the past working week.

Strange as it may sound, we notice some seasonal trends in the popularity of our business, and at The Sash Window Workshop, all teams across the business are bracing themselves for the "pre-winter rush". We are starting to notice weekly enquiry numbers rise, and the company installation board and manufacturing schedule being booked up 6 weeks in advance, and a wealth of interest in getting window and door problems sorted before the cold of January and February.

The outlook of the gloomy UK housing market is getting worse, according to figures from major mortgage lender Halifax.

The latest housing index report from the bank shows that house prices fell by 0.7% in October to an average of £158,426.

This was the fifth consecutive month that house prices have fallen. Property prices were 1.2% lower in October compared to the last quarter.

Your little ones will always need a place they can be relaxed in and enjoy spending their time, which means that decorating a child’s bedroom can be an enjoyable experience that you can carry out with your child!

In any modern home, the kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important rooms in the whole property. Everything from what kind of furniture you use to whether or not you choose to employ blinds can have a significant effect on the layout of the room.

However, in these increasingly eco-friendly times, many people are looking to achieve style and comfort without having a negative effect on either the planet or their own budget. Below, we have looked at a few of the simplest ways to achieve this:

If you feel that your property is a bit drab and lacking in the glorious magnificence it once had when you first purchased it, you might be in need of some inspiration.

Below we have looked at a few ways you can give your home a new lease of life by using the power of light:

Property prices are rapidly falling thanks to the financial doom and gloom which has gripped the UK, and they are showing little sign of picking up in the near future. As you can’t rely on the housing market to boost the value of your home, you might have to take matters into your own hands.

Interior enthusiasts won’t need an excuse to revamp their home, so below are a few useful ways to add value to your home and create a new look without breaking the bank.

Your home is your haven and you might want to make the most of what you have to work with. Creating space and light can really make a difference to the look and feel of a room – almost more so than interior furnishings.

The type of windows you have installed could also dramatically shift the feel of a room. For example, if you only had one small window in quite a large room you could make the room appear dark and gloomy.

The Sash Window Workshop welcomed industry professionals attending the Accoya Conference to our workshop in Bracknell this morning. Braving the brisk autumnal weather and the morning M4 traffic, over 60 conference attendees arrived by coach to be given a talk by Richard Dollar, and then be shown around our workshop.

The Sash Window Workshop operates from its manufacturing facility in Bracknell to service the entirety of the South of England. This week's mapping shows a very London-centric picture of our working demographic, with some outposts stretching from near Northampton to Brighton and Hove.

Of course this means that for those in London there will have been plenty of opportunities to spot Mick emblazoned on the side of The Sash Window Workshop's vans from the base of the M1 to the borders of Surrey. Those outside of the M25 may have had more of a struggle to spot our vans, unless you journey the motorways as much as Mick and our team of dedicated fitters.

With the Olympics coming to an end, many people’s thoughts are turning to the legacy of the games, especially with the importance of legacy being driven home at the opening ceremony.

Though we may not be sporting giants, throughout our years of operation The Sash Window Workshop has attracted a great deal of repeat custom, and a high percentage of recommendations from our customers. Positive customer experiences are our legacy, and we’ve got a solid track record.

From rural Oxfordshire to the heart of London, Mick and our fitters have been providing the highest quality service for your windows and doors. What we have found is that as soon as one person in a road has had their timber windows and doors repaired or replaced by us, the neighbours want a piece of the action as well!

Just this morning we received a call where a lady began with "I'm looking at your van across the road as we speak". Far from being disturbed by this statement, at The Sash Window Workshop, we love calls like this. It means that someone has seen our work, seen our logo, and realised we really are the best people to ask about their wooden windows and doors.

The Sash Window Workshop receives a lot of calls from potential customers who aren't sure whether we work in their area. We thought an easy way of keeping you in the loop would be to show you what postcodes we are working in each week, to show that we've done work near you!

A lot of our work is within London postcodes, but we do operate all over the South. From this week onwards you can see where we have been, with one map showing the London areas, and another showing the outside London map.

August is officially coming to a close, and if this morning is anything to go by, we're jumping straight into December. Our installations team have worked tirelessly this week to supply our customers all over the South of England with beautifully finished handmade wooden windows and doors before autumnal routines get into full swing.

We have had a hectic week of jobs in central London, and with the Paralympic Games Lanes back in full swing, it’s a good job our fitters are on the road from Bracknell by 6:30am to miss the morning traffic!

Making and fitting bespoke timber front doors to grace a beautiful home is the most difficult work we do here at The Sash Window Workshop. It’s not for nothing they have to come at a premium price.

The Sash Window Workshop

Here at The Sash Window Workshop we are very proud of our logo which has become the public face of the company in London and the South East.

The logo shows Mick, who was one of our first joiners and whose photo was the inspiration for the logo. We believe that our logo epitomizes the craftsmanship and attention to detail that characterise all of our products.

At the Sash Window Workshop we make all of our products by hand in our Bracknell workshop because of this our customers often have to wait just a little bit longer to have their beautiful timber sash and casement windows and doors installed. We understand how busy our customers lives are and therefore offer them installation dates up to two months in advance.

Here at The Sash Window Workshop we are proud of our history of producing hand crafted timber sash and casement windows and doors for period homes in London and the South.

Our trademark installation and service vans leave the workshop in Bracknell with customer’s windows every morning at around 6.30 so that our installers can be on hand in customers’ properties between 8 and 9, so long as the traffic allows.

All of our installers wear the company uniform and carry ID cards.

Our fitting team are second to none in their skill, application and dedication even during the coldest winter months. Continually delivering the highest standards of work with a smile on their face. Some of you might recall the winter of 2010/2011, it was really tough.

Our team fitted record volumes of windows in the worst of conditions, leaving our clients delighted.  Fortunately this winter has been somewhat easier for them to date. So long as we give them the right equipment, support and a warm uniform to work in, they will deliver. Not forgetting the obligatory “curry night” in the spring, as a thank you for their efforts.

Occasionally at The Sash Window Workshop, we have to undertake additional work on windows that have deteriorated since the time of order. This is most common when Draught Sealing and Overhauling existing windows and doors.

In the 6-8 weeks between order and works being carried out, water damage and rot can spread at alarming rates. Unfortunately, though we do employ very skilled people, none of them have yet developed clairvoyance as a specialism, so we rarely know the extent of work really required before the fitters arrive at a given property.

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