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When looking to restore your timber sash windows, it is important to ensure that you employ a professional who has experience working on similar period properties.

At The Sash Window Workshop we wide range of experience working on a number of different timber sash windows, from one over one Victorian sash windows, to Edwardian bay windows and six over six Georgian sash windows.

Traditional timber windows were made to last.  This means that with regular maintenance they can last up to a hundred years.  It is therefore often worth looking into refurbishing the original, existing windows as opposed to replacing them.

The Sash Window Workshop is proud to announce the launch of our new commercial webpages, providing information on our commercial services to builders, architects, contractors, interior designers and developers.

With Halloween around the corner, we look at how to ensure your windows don’t become things of nightmares.

Since the start of the twentieth century, Richmond has been at the heart of English Rugby. The gates to the hallowed ground, Twickenham, were opened in 1909 and the first international match played on the pitch broke the nation’s 12 year losing streak against Wales. Spurring the nation’s love of the game, Twickenham supposedly helped drop-kick the team into a successful number of seasons, netting many a trophy and title along the way.

And while we hoped England would once again demonstrate this powerful prowess on the pitch throughout the World Cup, it was not to be. Twickenham will instead host Australia and New Zealand in this weekend’s final, as they battle it out in front of over 81,000 fans.

Creating a more energy efficient home is high up on the priority list for today’s homeowners.  While the prospect of implementing a number of energy saving measures may seem a little daunting and costly, carrying out the necessary changes now will reap both immediate and ongoing rewards.

Here are just a few of the energy efficiency fixes you may want to apply to your period home.

Kind Edward VII’s ascension to the throne in 1901 and his subsequent reign until 1910 marked a new period in architecture and interior design.  However, there are differing views as to when the Edwardian period ends.  For some, the period is extended up to the sinking of the Titanic in 1912; for others it extends to the start of World War I in 1914, and then there are those who take it to the end of hostilities with Germany in 1918, or the signing of the Treaty of Versailles in 1919.

The period was quite a significant departure from the Victorian era.  When we think of Edwardian architecture, we think of freshness and of light - stepping out from the dark, heavy shadows of the Victorian era, into a breath of fresh air.

Architectural Style

Following the ornate, cluttered, close-knit architecture of the Victorian period, people were crying out for a simpler, less formal approach.  Many were eager to escape the densely populated, industrial cities and so the rise of the suburbs began.

Rugby is often likened to a battle: from the All Blacks Haka to the Tongan’s war dance, the turbulent torrent of action in an 80 minute game is a good example of men pushing themselves to the boundaries of human capacity. Some walk off the pitch exuberant in victory while others skulk away – or get carried off on stretchers – to the deafening sounds of an enemy crowd roaring for tears and more bloodshed.

The Sash Window Workshop is proud to announce the launch of our new supply only service.

The new service will provide access to our high quality, bespoke timber windows and doors to trade and customers across the UK.

With The Victorian Society yesterday announcing their yearly list of the most at-risk Victorian and Edwardian architecture in England and Wales, we take a look at the history of a couple of the buildings on the list, and some of the work required to restore them to their former glory.

With Queen Elizabeth II overtaking Queen Victoria as the longest reigning monarch yesterday afternoon, we look back on how architecture and timber windows have evolved during the reigns of Britain’s two longest serving monarchs.

Would you like to view our premises in Bracknell?  You can now view a tour of our workshop from the comfort of your own home.

The video provides a quick tour of our workshop taking you through the process of manufacturing a timber window, from the initial wood arriving at the workshop to the finished product leaving us to be installed in your home.

At The Sash Window Workshop, we know that it is important to ensure that your new timber windows and doors are of a high quality. By manufacturing all of our timber windows and doors in-house, we can ensure that all products that leave our workshop meet the high quality standards that we expect and would want to see in our own homes.

With the schools breaking up for the summer, a lot of people will be travelling on holiday over the next month.  Holidays can be a great way to get out of the house, but if you are not careful you can leave yourself vulnerable to thieves.  It is therefore important to ensure that your home is protected and secure before you travel.


Having lots of post on your doormat or parcels outside your house indicates to thieves and burglars that you are away.  One way to prevent this is to ask a friend or a neighbour to regularly check that there isn’t anything hanging out of your letterbox or left outside your house.

Alternatively, give someone you trust the keys to your house so they can remove any post from sight.

We’ve been watching films again! And yes, Colin Firth has a certain appeal but like always, we were strangely drawn to the architecture and surroundings…we just can’t help ourselves!

The King's Speech was inspired by the story of self-taught speech therapist, Lionel Logue, and his unlikely relationship with the then-Duke of York. We see Logue - a 'commoner' with no formal training and viewed by many as a 'quack', and the Duke with a severe stammer and whose brother’s abdication catapults him on to the throne as King George VI, with a potentially humiliating schedule of public speaking.

The film starts with the Duke’s attempt to deliver the closing speech at the 1925 ‘Empire Exhibition’ at Wembley Stadium - it's excruciating to watch but the scene is set as the Duke's wife seeks out Lionel Logue in a bid to find a cure for her husband's stammer. She finds him at his 'Harley Street consulting room' - an extraordinary, vaulted room with huge feature windows at one end, distressed, peeling wallpaper in mottled autumn colours and minimal furniture.

Over one hundred test matches have been played at Lord's Cricket Ground.  We take a closer look at the venue.

As the weather heats up homeowners of period properties, like others, will want to do all they can to ensure that their homes stay cool when it’s hot outside.

You could choose to go out and purchase a number of fans to have in each room, but if you don’t have (or want to buy) any fans, there are other ways to keep your home cool.

Close Blinds and Curtains

Blinds can act as an additional layer of protection against the heat.  Between 11am and 3pm, when it is the hottest part of the day, it is worth closing your blinds and curtains, especially for any windows that receive direct sunlight during these hours.  This will help prevent the light from outside increasing the temperatures within your house.

SW19 is well known for the lawn tennis championships at The All England Lawn Tennis Club, with people from around the world visiting Wimbledon to watch the tennis, but did you know there are a lot of period buildings within SW19 with their own history?

In our line of business, we’re privileged to visit and work in many wonderful locations throughout the UK. By default, lots of these places have a rich, architectural history, so we thought we’d shine our trusty spotlight on a few - starting with Brockley.

Lamb House sits proudly at the top of West Street in Rye, Sussex. Built in 1723 by prominent local citizen, James Lamb, it’s a rather lovely example of a Georgian house with strong literary associations.

"I have two choices: to give up and accept permanent state of spinsterhood and eventual eating by Alsatians, or not. And this time I choose not."

There speaks Bridget Jones, the hapless, thirtysomething singleton lurching from one romantic disaster to another in pursuit of love and her very own Mr Darcy. In the film, we see her holed up in her small-but-ever-so-interesting London flat, binge drinking with Chaka Khan and then slumped in pink pyjamas to the melancholic strains of All By Myself.

It’s great stuff - blue soup, big pants, bunny costumes and Colin Firth - what’s not to like? But did you happen to notice the windows? No? We did. We ALWAYS notice the windows...

In many homes, the kitchen is the real heart of the house.  It is the hub around which everything else revolves, so it is important that it is both a homely and practical space.

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