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Are your windows looking a little worse for wear? After years of loyal service, are they now in need of a bit of TLC? If so, then you need to think about how you’re going to repair or replace them.

Assess the elevations of your windows.  Windows located on the south and west of the buildings generally deteriorate faster than those on the north and east sides.  However, if you’re replacing some it might be a good idea to do them all at the same time.

Whether you’re deciding on your first home or you’re planning to settle into a small property for your retirement, there are a number of major factors that everyone will keep in mind: how many bedrooms do you need?  Is it in a good location?  Is there a garage?

There is also a decision to be made when it comes to the building’s age.  There are some really big differences between newer builds and period properties, so you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options to narrow down your search.

Traditional casement windows can really add character and charm to a house.  If well maintained they can also last for years.

Casement windows, which are those that open and close on hinges, usually develop fewer problems than double hung sash windows.  This is largely thanks to the fact there are fewer moving parts to go wrong.

Listed buildings are defined as those that are of the 'special architectural or historic interest' and those living in properties with listed building status are effectively guardians of an important piece of the UK’s architectural past.

When looking to replace your timber windows, it is important to ensure that you choose the right windows to fit with the period of your property.  Retaining the character of period properties is a top priority for heritage homeowners and planning departments alike.

Installing period appropriate, timber windows can help retain the value of your property, alongside improving its kerb appeal.

The Georgian architecture period was between 1714 and 1837.  However, it is often split into two different architectural periods: Early Georgian (1714-1750) and Late Georgian (1750-1837).

Georgian architecture is classical in the majority of the exteriors, influenced by Roman Architecture.  Most Georgian properties have timber sash windows that slide both up and down.  Originally most had internal shutters.

Georgian properties often had smaller windows on the higher floors with six glass panels, and larger windows on lower floors with nine or more glass panels.  Windows often consisted of multiple glass panels because glass was expensive, and the window tax was only halved towards the end of the Georgian period.

The Royal Borough of Windsor is the epitome of quintessential English charm. The imposing Windsor Castle acts as a regal and historical backdrop to this quaint town, which combines cobbled streets and riverside views with a bustling high street.

Do your windows actually need replacing?

One of the many benefits of timber windows is that general wear and tear and minor damage can easily be repaired.  If you maintain your timber windows properly and at regular intervals, keeping them in a good condition, they can last hundreds of years before requiring replacement.

Planning an extension to your period home will require careful attention to detail to ensure that your property retains its unique character.  One of the most important considerations for period property extensions is to ensure that any addition to your property is in keeping with the existing proportions of your home, so that your property doesn’t lose any of its original charm.

The blue plaques scheme was founded in 1866 by the Society of Arts and aims to bring the history of London to life, by linking the people of the past with the buildings of the present.  In 1986 English Heritage took over the scheme.  There are now over 900 plaques across London, highlighting the lives of notable men and women who have lived and worked in the buildings.  This spring marks the 150 year anniversary of Blue Plaques.

The first blue plaque was awarded to the poet Lord Byron in 1867, but his house in Holles Street, Cavendish Square was demolished in 1889.

If you live in a conservation area or own a listed building you are likely to be governed by strict rules when looking to replace your timber windows.  However even if your home isn’t affected by these regulations, there are a number of reasons why you should still aim to preserve your home’s historic windows.

The main aim of a living space is to be comfortable and enticing. It should be the centrepiece of every modern home. As well as serving as the main gathering place for a family, it should also be the ideal place to entertain guests and visitors on those cold winter evenings.

When we think of Georgian architecture, we think of understated elegance achieved through simplicity, symmetry and proportion.

The term Georgian originates from the four British kings who reigned between 1714 and 1830 - George I, George II, George III and George IV.  Technically, Georgian is not a style but an era - the period within which we saw the development of architecture and interior design from a number of key designers including Chippendale, Adams, and Hepplewhite.

The Sash Window Workshop uses high quality AccoyaTM for our windows and doors. AccoyaTM is the world leading timber solution to tropical hardwood. Unlike AccoyaTM, tropical hardwood is not environmentally friendly or sustainable.  However, it was used for centuries because of its impressive durability.

Although most of us may think of a window as being a standard square shape, there are numerous windows around the world that don’t conform to this standard.

As bespoke window manufacturers, all of our windows are unique.  With windows in period properties not abiding to any standard specification, our timber windows are all manufactured to suit your property and be period appropriate.

Using the combination of technology and our experienced, skilled craftsmen we are able to produce timber windows to conform to the correct period of your home.  To obtain a free, no obligation quote, please contact us on 01344 868668.

There are a number of restrictions and limitations placed on customers living in listed properties and conservation areas.

At The Sash Window Workshop we have worked alongside a number of homeowners and commercial clients to refurbish their timber windows and doors, while conforming with listed property and conservation area restrictions.

The Sash Window Workshop will be exhibiting at stand B20 at London’s Listed Property Show.

The Listed Property Show runs from 10am on Saturday 20th February until 4pm on Sunday 21st February at the London Olympia in West Kensington.

With Christmas and the New Year around the corner, what better way to beautify your home in the New Year than by installing new timber windows and doors?

With windows and doors being the most prominent features on exterior of a property, ensuring your windows and doors are of a high quality and aesthetically pleasing can vastly improve the kerb appeal of your home. Timber windows and doors have also been found to add extra value to your property, with home owners preferring elegant timber windows to their plastic alternatives.

Are you going ice skating in London this Christmas?  Every year a number of locations around London open up their doors to ice skaters looking to experience the magical Christmas feeling of ice skating in some of the most stunning locations.  Within this blog we look at some of the different locations offering ice skating in London and their beautiful surroundings.

We are proud to announce that employees at The Sash Window Workshop have raised £150 for MacMillan Cancer Support.

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