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We know that bespoke sash windows can be a star attraction in their own right, but as summer approaches it’s always nice to add a few floral florishes to our window boxes.

Whether you choose to pop a few potted plants onto your window sill or opt for a floral display that colour-coordinates with your interior or exterior is entirely up to you.

However, for the green fingered amongst us who may be lacking an extensive outside space window florals are the perfect opportunity to flex your gardener mettle. Below are 5 stunning examples of window florals in pics.

Brights offsetting natural stone

blooming lovely 1

What better way to breathe life into a natural stone exterior than a carefully crafted display or floral brights? Stimulate the senses with flower shades in pink, red, yellow, orange and beyond.

Let it grow

blooming lovely 2

Let nature do it unfettered best by allowing your blooms to completely frame your windows. Here creeping Ivy and pink roses sit perfectly side by side to create a stunning natural frame for your window.

Shutter sure

blooming lovely 3

Wooden window shutters are becoming increasingly popular amongst UK homeowners, and while the above picture is more on the continent than house next door it does offer a good source of inspiration. Offset pastel shutters with more eye-catching flower shades for the perfect shutter/floral contrast.

Romancing the frame

blooming lovely 4

If you have a Juliet-style balcony add a touch of romance to your balcony frame with a floral display in red and pink tones. Let your flowers drape over the side of your balcony frame for the perfect summer morning view from your window.

Rustic charm

blooming lovely 5

Window floral displays don’t always have to be carefully crafted works of art. A few potted florals lining a window ledge screams rustic charm and is perfect for those who don’t have extensive gardening expertise.

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