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If you are considering investing in a second home, for either the occasional holiday getaway, or for a home you will equally divide your time in, finding the time and energy to tackle the renovation can be a challenge.

Here are just a few tips to help you through the process.

Identify how you will make use of your second home

Unlike your first home, your second property may only need to be functional enough for occasional use, so may not necessarily need the decorative flourishes featured in your primary home.

As a result you may want to invest in more basic furniture, which can be changed, in line with the requirements for your property. If you are planning to spend a longer period of time in your second home you can also supplant items from your first home such as bedding, crockery etc.

If you plan to rent out your second home to holidaymakers, you will also want to ensure that your refurbishment is able to withstand the wear and tear that can come from continually renting out your property.

Get in the professionals

If you are only able to renovate your property on the weekends or during your annual holidays, it may be best to seek out the help of trade professionals who could help you speed up completion of the project.

Agreeing a budget for this work in advance, factoring in items such as sash window repair cost, can help to ensure that you stay within your total spend.

Choose a design scheme that reflects the surrounding area

If your second home is located next to the beach, then you may want to opt for a nautical theme in your home or choose soft furnishings that feature natural materials or prints. Alternatively if you second home is located in the centre of the city, then you may want to opt for a more contemporary look.

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