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Sometimes just painting block colours isn’t the most exciting option. A fresh coat of paint will go a long way to brightening up a room but flat colours can look a bit on the dull side. So why not experiment with a few paint techniques for walls and woodwork that might make things a little more interesting?

Blackboard paints

Ever fancy having walls you could change every day? With blackboard paint you can do exactly that. This hard-wearing black paint turns your walls into a blackboard that you can then draw on with calk and erase. It’s just like being back at school. Only this time it’s fun and you’re in charge.


Shabby chic is very much in right now. The more battered and bruised something looks the better. So why not try and create your very own distressed furniture for that used look. Simply paint wooden furniture and woodwork like wooden French doors and then use sandpaper to create the distressed look. For a really authentic distressed look, use one colour as a base coat and another as a top coat. When you distress the piece, the bottom colour will start to show through. Lacquer for a great finish.


Use a base coat and then with contrasting colours create a marble effect by drizzling the paint over the top. This takes a while to perfect so try on some spare wood before doing it for real. If you have a really thin brush you can paint on the lines for a more detailed finish.


Paint on a base coat and then before it is dry, use a brush or other bristly surface and dab all around the painted area. This will create a faded look that creates colour definition and depth.

These techniques might take a few attempts to get right but they’ll look great when you do. You’ll also have a lot of fun trying it out.

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