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Your little ones will always need a place they can be relaxed in and enjoy spending their time, which means that decorating a child’s bedroom can be an enjoyable experience that you can carry out with your child!

ideas for childrens bedrooms

The sky’s the limit when it comes to decorating children’s bedrooms as you have the chance to go all-out on a particular theme. From pirates to princesses, there are so many options available and you don’t have to sacrifice style to find a design that is in-keeping with the rest of the property.

Here are a few inspiring ideas for children’s bedrooms that will allow you to have fun while you create a mini-paradise for your children.

Bold and bright

Children’s bedrooms are the perfect place to inject bright colours and play with a palate of textures and ideas. For example, keeping white walls will give you the flexibility to change the theme or colour later in life and you could also add bright and bold furnishings, such as a yellow dresser or block colour rug for a dramatic and funky effect. Customised rainbow shutters are a great way to brighten your scheme and make windows more enjoyable.


You could opt for a themed bedroom for your youngsters. A pretty –in-pink princess room, for example, could feature metallic floral wall stickers. A canopy is also a must-have for any fairy fantasy-land. Dark blue has always been a favourite colour and it’s clear to see why. By having navy features you could create an underwater world, woodland-inspired lagoon or space adventure.


If bold and bright colours do not suit your little one, you can still create a practical space that your child can enjoy themselves in. Perhaps they are a little too mature for bright reds and funky oranges! Pastel themes can work very well with plenty of natural light and large double glazed sash windows. If your little one is on the verge of their teenage years, this could be the perfect option!

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