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If you feel that your property is a bit drab and lacking in the glorious magnificence it once had when you first purchased it, you might be in need of some inspiration.

Below we have looked at a few ways you can give your home a new lease of life by using the power of light:

timber casement windows


A number of homeowners take their windows for granted and don’t realise the value of allowing natural light into a property.

By keeping a property light and bright, it feels airy and you can create the illusion of being more spacious. Even if the property has large rooms, without making the most out of natural light or lighting, they could actually appear smaller. Windows can make a huge difference to a property and knowing where to position them can be one of the key factors to consider when injecting your property with light.

For example, if you have a Victorian terrace, you might wish to keep within the style and theme of the property by updating to wooden casement windows for the living room or kitchen and box sash windows for smaller rooms upstairs.


You can create a different ambience throughout your property by using glass or frosted panelled doors. French doors and bi-fold doors could also help to maximise potential natural light. If you are renovating, why not remove part of a wall and replace it with glass panels or alternatively fit a skylight to make the most of the space and light?

Keep it light

One of the key ways to make an individual room appear lighter is to stick to a neutral colour tone. Ideally you would stick to light colours for the flooring and large pieces of furniture and add a dash of colour with accessories and fabric. A particularly dark room could look significantly larger if both the walls and floor are white.

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