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One of the best parts of interior design is choosing the furniture that will adorn your home. Picking out individual pieces and seeing if they work together and with the existing period features is the very bread and butter of interior design. Some people have a natural eye for it but it is a skill that can be learned too.

When you are picking furniture made of wood, you need to bear in mind that some woods work together well and some don’t. Differing shades and textures can be problematic and make rooms difficult to hold together. You also need to think about permanent wooden structures in the room, including floors, doors and windows.

For that reason, it’s always a good idea to keep your major pieces a similar tone. Things like sofas, sideboards and coffee tables should be of a similar shade, if not the same wood. They should also match the wooden tones of your doors and windows, if unpainted. This will create a unified and cohesive design theme and be the basis of the room, around which you can experiment.

Once you have your base shade, you can then use smaller items of different wood. Picture frames and small furniture, like lamps and ornaments, can contrast. You can often bring them together with accessories to blend the tones.

If you have permanent wooden design features like timber doors or window frames, then you need to try and match wooden styles of furniture to these too. If your doors are pine or light wooden tones, keep furniture similarly light for a design consistency. While it is possible to go for good quality pieces in an eclectic design style, this is notoriously difficult to get right.

Using wood as a design theme is always nice. It has a warmth and richness of texture that can really elevate a room, even when painted. With floorboards, doors and furniture all made of quality wood; you can make a home feel very welcoming.

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