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A conservatory is the perfect place between the comfort and security of the home and the light and freedom of the garden. A conservatory can add an entirely new dimension to a home and provide valuable extra living space. It’s also a great way of connecting rooms together and finishing circuits in homes to allow for more freedom of movement.

However, when choosing a conservatory, you have to be careful that you pick a suitable style and shape; otherwise it can look incongruous with the rest of the house.

Modern Vs Traditional

If you live in a modern home, then a modern conservatory will look more appropriate. Use modern materials and shapes and it will fit well. It can work to use a modern design with a period building but you have to try and incorporate themes from the main structure. Use motifs from existing period features such as sash windows or woodwork.

It is slightly trickier to use a period style conservatory with a modern building but again it can work given the right surroundings.

Period conservatories

If you do live in a period property, try to match the design style of your new project to that of your home. Go for a Victorian style recessed roof conservatory if you live in a Victorian property and it will look stunning. Georgian and Edwardian conservatories have symmetrical structures and pitched roofs. Like the Victorian style they have plenty of ornate detail. Again try to match style with existing windows.

It may be a good idea to ensure that all windows on this side of the property are in good order. Repair your sash windows before constructing your new conservatory for the ultimate impression.

Bring the outside in

 With opening doors and an external patio or eating space, you can help to merge the two spaces and really get the most from your conservatory. Consider how this might work during the design stage and you can create a stunning indoor/ outdoor space.

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