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While sash windows are normally associated with historic homes, they can also be installed in a variety of properties. Modern double glazed sash windows can provide the energy efficiency that today’s homes need while incorporating a key architectural feature from centuries gone into your home.

Here are just five types of properties where sash windows could provide the perfect finishing touch.

Barn conversions

The space and flexibility offered by a barn conversion appeals to many homeowners. And for those who aren’t afraid to tackle what could be an extensive renovation project, this could provide the ideal solution for those wanting to create a truly bespoke home. New box sash windows come in a variety of styles, and could marry well with the personalised look of your barn conversion.


Although bungalows are all on one level, they can often be more spacious than initially meets the eye. Depending on planning precedents in the area you live in you may also be able to add another level to your bungalow. Sash windows will look great in traditional or more modern bungalows, particularly those that already feature a lot of timber in their design.

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Many larger Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian homes have been converted into flats and sash windows will fit perfectly in place with the traditional look and feel of these homes. If you need to replace sash windows you will first need to seek out advice from your local planning authority.


Nothing is more quintessentially English than a traditional country cottage and as many were built many centuries ago, they will usually feature sash windows. For those that are looking worse for wear why not restore them to their former glory through sash window restoration?


Former farmhouses are often ripe for conversion, and even those that area ready to live in would look stunning with a set of traditional sash windows. Sash windows, stable doors and more all go into creating the perfect country home.

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