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Home maintenance can range from touching up the paint on a cupboard to a grand, house-transforming project... either way it can be expensive.

It’s no surprise that Britain has become a nation of DIY lovers. Figures show that a massive 53% of people are now doing their own home improvements because of rising living costs.

However, this could soon spiral out of control and become a DIY disaster if not done properly. Almost a third of these ‘have a goers’ have experienced a DIY mishap, and a further 11% have even had to make a claim on their home insurance because of it.

To avoid your own DIY devastation, here are a few tips to help you carry out your DIY for less:

Take your time

Instead of tackling your home improvement project head-on, you might want to take your time and consider exactly what you would like to do. Whilst Christmas is quickly approaching and everyone would like their homes looking nice for families and guests, do not rush your job for completion, as this is how accidents can happen.

Beware of fumes

There are a number of harmful fumes that could potentially be floating around when doing DIY. Painting or using materials that generate toxic fumes could cause you harm if the room is not correctly ventilated.

Hire a professional

If the job is beyond your capabilities and skills, call on the services of a professional. Don’t risk damaging your home or yourself because you are not qualified for the job.

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