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Home Renovation Tips

One of the benefits of owning a period property is the unique history and character that your home has. Unlike modern properties period homes were not made to standard specifications, with items such as the windows and doors being made to fit the house’s specific specification.

With the start of the new year, it is the perfect time to start planning new projects for your home.

A dining room should be a place where family and friends can gather around a table with some good food, drink and conversation.

‘Noise pollution’ is disturbing or excessive noise that may harm the activity or balance of human or animal life. This can be caused by a variety of sources including traffic, house parties or roadworks.

If you own a period property, you will be aware that they present their own unique challenges in comparison to modern new builds.

While they can often be taken for granted, windows are an essential part of any home.  They let light in and are a feature of any room.  It’s always a good idea to make the most of any window, especially if it is a feature window.

Period windows can be a real feature and deserve to be highlighted with some creative window dressing.  Window treatments involve adding fabric and patterns to a window, in order to create a softer frame and enhance its appearance.

You need to make sure you know exactly how big the window is before you start.  If you don’t, you run the risk of getting all the measurements wrong and wasting time and money. Remember to measure the total distance you want your treatment to cover, not just the frame itself.

In an interview with The Telegraph Daybreak’s Helen Fospero revealed the fact that each room had patio doors proved to be the key selling point for her flat in Shepherd’s Bush, West London.  While she had always envisioned herself in a Victorian property, the sense of space and light offered by the flat persuaded her to snap it up.

She’s not alone.  Throwing open timber patio doors onto a small stretch of decking, or larger, more resplendent garden, is an activity often cherished during the warm, summer months.

When decorating or renovating your home, it always pays to look for bargains. The more money you can save, the further you can stretch your interiors budget.  However, there is one area of the home that you should never try to scrimp and save on.  It’s the front door and there are very good reasons why you should always invest in a good one – both on a practical and aesthetic level.

Recent research* released by the Federation of Master Builders has found that UK home owners spend an additional £42 million a year salvaging work around the home that they tried to do themselves.

French doors not only look great, but boast a variety of benefits that will add value to your property, make inhabiting the space more enjoyable and changing the way you think about home design.  French doors are most commonly fitted as exterior doors, usually as a point of access for a patio, courtyard or other outdoor space.

Whether you’re deciding on your first home or you’re planning to settle into a small property for your retirement, there are a number of major factors that everyone will keep in mind: how many bedrooms do you need?  Is it in a good location?  Is there a garage?

There is also a decision to be made when it comes to the building’s age.  There are some really big differences between newer builds and period properties, so you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of both options to narrow down your search.

The main aim of a living space is to be comfortable and enticing. It should be the centrepiece of every modern home. As well as serving as the main gathering place for a family, it should also be the ideal place to entertain guests and visitors on those cold winter evenings.

In many homes, the kitchen is the real heart of the house.  It is the hub around which everything else revolves, so it is important that it is both a homely and practical space.

Whoever said decorating was reserved solely for the interior of our home?  After all, the first thing anyone ever sees is the front of the house and the garden.  So why not spend a bit of time decorating the exterior too?

It’s the first thing a visitor will notice, and the easiest of makeovers for your home’s exterior. The style of your front door can transform the look of your property, and the possibilities are endless.  A genuine timber front door is a classic option that remains extremely versatile.

Decorating in the bedroom is notoriously tricky.  Getting the right tone and feel for the room is a difficult skill.  Remember that you want your bedroom to be warm and welcoming, but that it is also a place for relaxing and sleeping, as well as waking and starting the day.  Therefore your bedroom space needs to be equally appealing late at night and early in the morning.

Comfort is key

Buy the biggest and most comfortable bed that the room will take, without compromising completely on space. Most of the time you’re in this room, you are asleep, so why skimp on the cost of a bed? A good bed is the very essence of comfortable bedroom.

We know that bespoke sash windows can be a star attraction in their own right, but as summer approaches it’s always nice to add a few floral florishes to our window boxes.

Whether you choose to pop a few potted plants onto your window sill or opt for a floral display that colour-coordinates with your interior or exterior is entirely up to you.

However, for the green fingered amongst us who may be lacking an extensive outside space window florals are the perfect opportunity to flex your gardener mettle. Below are 5 stunning examples of window florals in pics.

With spring just under a month away many homeowners will be keen to make the most of their outdoor spaces. And with space at a premium in many homes timber bi-fold doors are a great option for bringing indoor and outdoor spaces together. This creates a large area where homeowners can entertain guests or simply make the most of their free time.

If you are keen to give your existing, or new, timber Victorian doors and timber windows a lift, selecting the right window and door furniture could give them the added ‘wow’ factor.

While sash windows are normally associated with historic homes, they can also be installed in a variety of properties. Modern double glazed sash windows can provide the energy efficiency that today’s homes need while incorporating a key architectural feature from centuries gone into your home.

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