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The Sash Window Workshop uses high quality AccoyaTM for our new windows and doors. AccoyaTM is the world leading timber solution to tropical hardwood.

Unlike AccoyaTM, tropical hardwood is not environmentally friendly or sustainable.  However, it was used for centuries because of its impressive durability.

By using AccoyaTM for our windows and doors we are not only using very durable material, reasonably forgiving of any subsequent lack of maintenance, but we are also making the best economical choice for you.  What makes the timber even more special is that our windows and doors are made in our workshop in Bracknell, Berkshire by our highly skilled workers so it emulates home grown goodness.

Accoya timber

The Sash Window Workshop has been manufacturing timber windows and doors since 1994, using various different timber species over that time.  This has given us huge experience and we have dealt with just about every problem associated with timber, replacing rotten parts, replacing bowed or twisted doors, freeing windows and doors that have stuck shut.  Since using AccoyaTM, we rarely get these problems anymore and therefore both ourselves and our clients can have real confidence in our products for the long term.

One unwavering quality of AccoyaTM windows and doors is that it is also dimensionally stable, so there is no danger of the once gloriously furnished exterior of your house changing into a lopsided, modern art wannabe.  AccoyaTM wood is tried and tested to ensure the shrinking and swelling is reduced by 75%.

Furthermore, AccoyaTM is environmentally friendly.  The fast growing timber from sustainable sources is modified using a non-toxic treatment to make AccoyaTM.  The timber also comes with a 50 year anti-rot guarantee, allowing you to feel confident that the product will last.

The wood is protected by a rot and insect barrier and is indigestible to insects and microorganisms.  And if that is not enough qualities to get you excited about our AccoyaTM wood windows and doors, there is more! AccoyaTM possesses fantastic thermal insulation qualities.  The windows and doors from The Sash Window Workshop are beautiful to open in the summer and ideal to keep you warm and toasty in the winter months.

However, our personal favourite at The Sash Window Workshop is that the appearance of the windows and doors lasts longer than other types of wood. AccoyaTM has a superior resistance to UV to avoid faded and aged appearances and it is coated in translucent substance for extra protection.

It’s about as low maintenance and trouble free as you can get with timber.  Although AccoyaTM may be the more expensive option, the benefits are overwhelming and well worth the extra money.

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