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If you are in the process of overhauling your home you may want to consider adding in timber patio doors. Patio doors can add a feeling of light and space to a room, and are great for providing a bridge between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Before you plump on your final choice of patio doors, however, there are a number of things you may want to consider to ensure your doors complement your existing space.



If you want to flood lots of light into your room and really want to merge the interior and exterior of your home, then you may want to consider a patio door design with a wide doorway. Installing multiple French doors or investing in folding patio door systems may also help to create a real sense of fluidity between indoor and outdoor spaces.


If you opt for French doors, or swinging patio doors, you will need to consider whether you are able to re-arrange your space to provide room for them to open. If space is at a premium in your home then sliding doors or a single swinging door may be a more suitable option.


As the main component of your patio doors will be glass is important to choose models that use energy efficient glass and will protect against UV fading. For added privacy you may also want to consider decorative tempered glass, though grills and internal blinds may also be another option.


There are many choices for patio door materials, including wood. Wood is a durable material, which means that it will stand the test of time with careful maintenance. The wood used for your patio doors may come from a range of trees, giving the frames individual characteristics that will add a personalised touch to your interior and exterior. Each type of wood will also have a different colour and grain, meaning that you can choose one that will complement or contrast your existing colour scheme.

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