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If you are planning on introducing the traditional beauty of sliding sash windows into your home then you’ll need to ask yourself numerous questions to ensure you make the right decision.

Offering superior style and plenty of classic charm, here are the top things to consider when adding these windows to your property:


Naturally your first consideration will be over the appearance of your windows in relation to your property. Sliding sash windows are typically associated with more traditional properties but modern takes on the familiar style are available if you want to add a traditional element which complements modern aesthetics. Make sure your chosen style fits your property to achieve the best results.

bespoke sash windows


Next, you may want to think about value. Home improvements can affect the overall market value of your property so it’s worth considering whether sash windows would enhance or reduce this. If it is the former then this may help you to reconcile the money spent on having the windows fitted.


On the subject of fitting sash windows to your property, the installation is another key feature you need to consider. The dimensions of your windows and the number of windows needed all need to be taken into account to ensure you get the best possible results.

You want a flush fit between the sliding window and the window frame, with an easy sliding movement for the pane of glass that doesn’t compromise structural integrity or safety. This is why hiring professionals to complete the installation is usually advised and only the highest quality timber windows should be purchased.


As mentioned above, you want to ensure your windows do not compromise the safety of your home. This means choosing sliding sash windows which boast high levels of security – something usually determined by the type of construction, locking mechanism and glass used.

Double glazing is readily available in sash windows (perfect for reducing noise disruption and increasing safety) and secure locking mechanisms can ensure your windows only open when you want them to.

A strong and durable catch to keep the windows in place when open is also required and can help to prevent accidents and trapped fingers and is something you should consider carefully.

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