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You’re about to tackle the umpteenth overhaul of your home interiors, and as you whistle while you work – whether that be sanding down that reclaimed dining table or fitting your skirting boards – there will be several points throughout your project where your prowess as a fledgling DIY expert will be well and truly tested... Hanging a new set of wooden exterior doors may be one of them.

For those who want to keep the words timber and tribulation out of the same sentence here are just some of the things you’ll need to consider when hanging your wooden exterior doors.

timber french door


It’s important to measure up your door frame first. It is essential to get a new timber door in a size that matches your existing door frame as closely as possible.

However, wooden doors can be trimmed to size, with the same amount taken off the height and width, typically taking off a total of 10mm. You may also want to consider getting bespoke wooden doors to fit the exact size of your frame.

Condition of existing door frame

It is important to examine the condition of your door frame before you set about tackling the task at hand as if there is extensive rotting this may need to be replaced altogether. In this instance you may want to consider investing in new frame, and if you are getting a bespoke door made this can also be created at the same time.

However, if it is only part, not all, of the frame that has rotted as a result of water penetration and other factors; you may be able to cut the damaged wood and replace it with new wood. The frame can then be treated to ensure that it stays protected from the elements.


To carry the weight of your exterior timber doors and to ensure that they are secure, you will normally need three hinges. The condition of your existing hinges will determine whether you need replacements. Once you have used one screw to fit the top hinge leaf into the door frame, it is important that you don’t fit in all the screws so that the necessary adjustments can be made if the door doesn’t fit/ close correctly.

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