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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find below some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that is not answered below, please do not hesitate to contact
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Are your new double glazed sashes fully compliant with building regulations?
Our complete new windows and doors comply with Document L Building Regulations. New sashes, casements or doors fitted into their existing frames do not have to comply as this type of work is classed as refurbishment and does not require certification. Listed buildings and some properties in conservation areas are exempt from Document L, and your local authority planning department will be able to advise.
Can you decorate my windows?

If we are manufacturing complete new windows, your windows will be factory finished with either our standard paint or your chosen finish, which may attract an additional charge.

Can you match the style of my existing windows?

Yes. We are proud to be able to match most styles and patterns with our Classic range. If you require specific, historically accurate windows, replicating the existing features, this can be done for a higher price. Through modern technology and traditional joinery techniques we are able to produce elegant yet energy efficient replacement windows and doors.

Do you use your own fitters?

We set and maintain a very high standard of workmanship and after sales care. The majority of our fitters are employed by us, but we occasionally use trusted subcontractors for installations who work to our strict standards under the supervision of our installations management team.

Will I receive a FENSA certificate for the work?

We are regulated by FENSA which is applicable to new timber Document L windows and doors. If eligible, you will receive a FENSA certificate in the post after final payment has been made. Please note, FENSA certificates are only required for complete new windows and doors. If you have refurbishment work, or if you have new sashes into existing frames, a FENSA certificate is not required.

In light of the Grenfell Tower disaster, if the building is over 18 metres from the ground FENSA will not issue a certificate. Instead you will need to contact your local council to arrange for Local Authority Building Inspectors to check that the windows or doors comply with building regulations.

How do your prices compare with those of your competitors?

We take great pride in offering our clients top quality products made to the highest standards coupled with excellent customer service. Our prices reflect our determination to be the best.

How long is your lead time?

Oour lead times vary throughout the year and depend on the complexity of the work you require. Once you have accepted a quotation, our lead time is normally 10 to 12 weeks for new joinery, depending upon your requirements. If you require draught sealing and repair services we can often schedule the work sooner than that, depending upon the nature of the work involved. Please note that this is a rough guide. For accurate information on our current lead times, please contact us.

How soon will I be contacted after making an enquiry?

Once you have made an enquiry your details will be input onto our database by a member of our sales team. You will then be assigned to one of our expert sales surveyors, who will contact you within one to two working days to arrange a site survey and quotation. Your sales surveyor will also be able to answer any questions you may have about the process and our services.

Can you replace my plastic windows with timber?

Yes, we regularly carry out work for customers who wish to replace their plastic windows with timber windows. If necessary, we will work with you to ensure that the replacement timber windows are suitable to the period of your property, helping to increase the value of your home.

What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

We have an excellent aftersales service. Please contact a member of our team on: 01344 868 668. We will then work with you to rectify the problem as soon as possible.

How do I improve insulation of my windows?

We offer a wide range of solutions to improving the insulation of your windows. Our draught sealing and repair services dramatically improve the performance of your existing timber windows.

Our secondary glazing service, popular in listed properties, will improve energy efficiency while retaining the character of your home.

If your windows are in a poor condition and require replacement, we can also manufacture new windows to meet your requirements.

What different glass options do you have?

We offer a wide range of different glass options for your windows and doors. Some of the most popular choices are: Textured / Patterned Glass; Acoustic Glass; Security / Safety Glass; and Toughened Glass.

I want to double glaze my windows but don't want to replace them, what can you do?
If you don’t want to replace the whole of your window, assuming the frames are in a good condition, we are able to replace just the moving parts of the window. Window frames are less exposed to the elements than the moving sashes, meaning they often last longer. Replacing just the moving parts of the window will not only save you money, but also reduces disruption to your home while allowing you to benefit from double glazed windows.
What locks do you put onto the windows?

It depends upon the type of window or door. We use modern, high security locks with independent manufacturer guarantees. We have a variety of styles and finishes available and are conscious that our customers are looking for the best in security whilst keeping a traditional look and feel to their windows and doors.

What type of wood do you use?

We use a variety of timbers that are FSC® certified or from managed sources. The quality of the timber that we use is of prime importance. We offer Accoya as our preferred timber due to its durability. We also like to work with durable hardwood. If you have a preferred timber of choice please talk to us.

Why can't you include the supply of scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a specialist area that is best handled by specialist scaffolding companies. Safety is of paramount importance when erecting and dismantling scaffolding. We prefer that this be carried out by the experts. We can provide the names of scaffolding companies but do not make specific recommendations.

Which is better: repair or replace?

Repair is cheaper in the short term, but may not provide the best long term solution. Our expert surveyors will be able to recommend whether your windows need replacing or repairing when carrying out a site survey, and will always recommend the best product for your requirements.

Where are your windows made?

All of our new windows and doors are manufactured by our expert craftsmen in our workshops in Bracknell, Berkshire. If you would like to visit our workshops to see the windows being made, please contact us on 01344 868 668 to arrange an appointment.

Do you organise your parking?

Yes. When arranging to visit your property we will enquire about parking and will ask if you are able to provide parking permits, or whether we will need to book a parking bay. We will then arrange our parking for the days that we are carrying out work.

Do you charge extra if I pay by credit card?

We do not charge for payment by debit or credit cards. However, please note that we do not accept payment by American Express. You can also pay by bank transfer or cheque.

I have a few minor problems with my windows / doors, can you help?

We offer a minor repairs service within Central London which can carry out repairs to your timber windows, such as replacing the sash window weights and cords.

I’m in a listed building / conservation area, can you help me?

Yes, we have a great deal of experience working in conservation areas and in Grade II listed buildings. If you agree to place an order with us we can supply you with drawings to support your planning application free* of charge.

*Please note if planning permission is not successful there will be a small charge for supplying the drawings.

I want to replace my windows but live in a conservation area. Do I need permission?
My property is listed and I want to double glaze. Can you offer this?

All proposed works to windows and doors that alter the fabric of a listed building must have listed building and planning permission granted by your local authority. For information on the services available to listed properties, please view our Listed Property and Conservation Area Guide.