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The safety and protection of the environment is central to The Sash Window Workshop's policies and working practices.

We are very conscious of the fact that the raw materials of our trade, timber and glass, utilise precious resources that should be treated with respect and be used judiciously.


We are FSC® certified and go to great lengths to ensure that the sources of our supply are beyond reproach and sustainable. We also ensure that our own activities and actions have as little environmental impact as possible.

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We are currently working towards installing an environmental management system that is compliant to BS EN ISO 14001.

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A business such as ours, where attention to detail is of paramount importance, we rely, of necessity, on paper transactions to ensure every detail of your order and installation programme is correct. Where we can, and provided the customer is comfortable, we utilise e-mail, text messaging and new technology systems to reduce the volume of paper we generate. We are constantly seeking ways to cut paper usage further and use recycled paper wherever possible.


We dispose of our waste in the most environmentally efficient way possible.

Old timber frames and windows are removed from site by our installers and are then brought back to our workshop and dismantled. The glass and old iron weights are removed. Timber shavings and dust waste from our workshop and machines are burned in our wood waste furnace. The resultant heat is piped around the factory to provide central heating.

Any old iron sash weights are collected and recycled into component parts for new projects.

Our office employees sort their waste, ranging from paper through to drinks bottles, into the correct recycling bins for collection.


Our vans are replaced every three to four years thus ensuring that we operate vehicles that are up to date with the latest fuel efficiency and Co2 emissions technology.


You are helping to reduce your carbon footprint by simply purchasing new timber windows and doors from us (view Heriot Watt University study on the life cycle assessment of windows). First the energy efficiency of your home will improve and secondly the traditional processes we adopt to manufacture your windows and doors uses significantly less resource and energy than is required to produce UPVC windows and doors.

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